IO Industries Flare 12M125-CL

High Resolution 12 Megapixels

This 12 megapixel camera reaches frame rates of 124 fps with a resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels. It can be operated in various modes and Camera Link is equipped with a dual-CameraLink interface making it is possible to use a Dual Full Mode. High frame rates up to 11,990 fps (4096x4) can be achieved. The integrated CMV12000 sensor from CMOSIS is 28.1 mm in size in the diagonal (Super35). With pipelined global shutter and correlated double sampling (CDS), the sensor provides a very high dynamic range and high sensitivity (4,64V / lux · s) at a low noise level. The camera has various functionalities. Various image adjustments (Black Level, Column and Row FPN, Bad Pixel Replacement) and color processing (Auto Wide Balance, 12bit- LUT) are provided. As Trigger Modes Trigger Width, Timed and Auto Exposure Control are available. In addition to an M42 x 0.75 mount lens connection also F- and C-mount adapters are available.


  • Monochrome, Color and Near-IR Models
  • Global Shutter CMOS with Correlated Double Sampling
  • CoaXPress or Camera Link Output
  • Multiple Lens Mount Options (F, C, and Active EF)
  • Selectable 8-bit or 10-bit Data Formats
  • High Sensitivity with Low Noise
  • Advanced Auto Exposure Control and Auto White Balance


  • Automated Inspection
  • Motion Analysis
  • Research Imaging
  • Specialty Video Production

Sensor Type CMOS w. Global Electronic Shutter (CMOSIS CMV12000)
Sensor Size (H x V) 4096 x 3072 (5.5ìm square pixels)
Optical Format Super 35mm / APS-C (28.1mm image circle at full resolution)
Dynamic Range / Sensitivity 60dB, 4.64 V/lux.s
Frame Rate (Full Resolution) 124 fps (8-bit), 100 fps (10-bit)
Output Configurations Base, Medium, Single Full, Dual Full (80MHz Pixel Clock)
Additional I/O (Hirose 12-pin) TTL-level trigger input/output, EF-mount lens control interface
Exposure Control Programmable, edge-triggered, or auto-exposure control
Image Correction Black level, column and row FPN, bad pixel replacement
Color Processing Auto white balance (tracking or manual), programmable LUTs
Lens Mount M42 x 0.75 with F, EF and C-Mount adapters
Dimensions (no lens adapter) 91.7 x 91.7 x 44.5mm
Dimensions (with F-mount) 91.7 x 91.7 x 74.5mm
Operating Temperature -30° to 45°C
Power Requirements 12V DC, approx. 7.5W
Weight 490g (600g with F-mount)