JSI Zion Spectroscopy Camera

Jireh Scientific Imaging (JSI) introduces a Spectroscopy Camera that will fit your needs AND your budget! We are putting a stop to these well-known camera companies expecting you to pay more for options you do not need. In addition, promising a revolutionary spectroscopy camera but instead they bring a radical cost increase.

The ZION was designed and engineered not only for low noise quantitative spectroscopy applications but also with the end-user’s and OEM applications’ budget in mind. This affordable solution is a compact, yet an abundance-enriched platform suitable for the most demanding spectroscopy applications, as well as R & D routine laboratory operation and integration into industry-grade systems. The 1024 array with 6.7 mm CCD height and 26 mm spectral coverage is ideal for multi-stripe spectroscopy and maximum light collecting area. It’s truly an affordable camera for professional performance, period.


  • Industry standard 1024x256 pixel spectroscopy array
  • Air Cooled or Liquid Cooled
  • USB 2.0 & Ethernet Interfaces for easy installation
  • Fully Integrated small package design
  • Software Engineered to integrate with most popular Spectrometer
  • Industry Standard Spectroscopy Mount
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) Ease of control integration into complex setups: Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic or C/C