IO Industries Victorem CoaXPress

Compact High Performance Cameras

The Victorem™ CoaXPress series is a broad range of compact industrial video cameras featuring high performance Sony CMOS image sensors and high-bandwidth CoaXPress video output. Several models are available with a variety of sensors to choose from, ensuring the right Victorem camera can be selected for each application. With resolutions ranging from 0.4MP to 20.5MP, and frame rates into the hundreds of frames per second, these powerful cameras are ideal for performance-driven applications such as volumetric video capture, machine vision and automated optical inspection.

Global or Rolling Shutter Sensors

The Sony Pregius CMOS sensors used in the Victorem™ series (0.4MP to 12.0MP) feature global shutter technology, a critical feature for freezing fast-moving objects time without motion distortion. However, for some applications, very high sensitivity is required, which is often one of the trade-offs of a global shutter sensor. The Victorem 20.5MP camera uses a high-sensitivity backside-illuminated Sony EXMOR-R sensor, which has a rolling shutter and is therefore susceptible to motion distortion. Conversely, under controlled lighting conditions and with the right timing, features in the camera allow exposures to still freeze motion in time, the same as would be possible with a global shutter sensor.

High Speed Digital Video Outputs

With sensors producing hundreds if not thousands of Megabytes of video data per second, systems using the Victorem™ CoaXPress series cameras need a way of accessing this stream of information. The CoaXPress video interface is an ideal match for the bandwidth of these sensors, capable of supporting the full-resolution, full-bit depth rate of each sensor with no restrictions. Other interfaces such as GigE Vision or USB3 Vision offer lower bandwidth than CoaXPress, so fewer frames per second or a lower bit depth must be used. The CoaXPress protocol is standardized and widely adopted, and allows low-cost flexible coaxial cabling to be used with long distance allowances over 100m.

Impressive Image Quality at Fast Frame Rates

The CMOS sensors used in the Victorem™ CoaXPress cameras are state-of-the-art with high resolution, low noise, excellent dynamic range and colour accuracy. The cameras feature adjustable exposure and gain, manual or automatic, with look-up-tables for gamma or contrast enhancement. For flat-field uniformity, an in-camera correction algorithm can adjust for the shading effects of some lenses. And for fast moving objects, adjustable window settings allow smaller regions of the sensor to be output at higher frame rates. For example the 5.1MP 51B163 camera can operate at 1920x1080 (Full HD) resolution at just over 300fps!

Small, Lightweight, Easy to Mount

Victorem™ CoaXPress cameras measure only 44 x 33mm with a 54mm depth (excluding connectors). This size ensures the cameras can be installed in a wide variety of locations and camera enclosures, while maintaining adequate thermal management of the electronics within. Weighing in at 140g, Victorem™ CoaXPress cameras can easily be attached to a variety of mounting arms or in the case of self-mounted optics (microscopes, telescopes, etc.), mounted only to the lens itself! A mounting adapter plate is available with common 1/4"-20 threading for tripods. One or more of these may be attached to all four sides of the camera.

Flexible Lens Selection and Mounting

The Victorem™ CoaXPress series feature an adjustable C-mount lens interface, which allows the back-focal distance to be set forwards or backwards. Depending on the lens being used, focus can be properly set either near the camera or at the infinity point of the lens. Adjustment is simple using two set-screws on either side of the C-mount, allowing the lens to remain in place while the mount is adjusted to the point of optimal focus. C-mount lenses are widely available with a range of focal lengths for wide angle or telephoto applications. As well, an Active EF Mount adapter is available to attach and control a wide range of photography lenses.

SensorSony Sony IMX287
SensorSonySensor Size 728 x 544
Frame Rate (8/10/12-bit) 523 / 436 / 319
Optical Format (Diagonal) 1/3" (6.3mm)
Sensor Type Global Shutter CMOS
Sensor Options Color (Bayer) or Monochrome
Pixel Size 6.9 x 6.9μm
Dynamic Range 76.5 dB
SNRmax 43.2 db
Output Configuration 1 or 2 links at 2.50Gbps (CXP-2), 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)
Multiple ROI Up to 8
Pixel Bit Depth 8 / 10 / 12-bit
Exposure Control Trigger width, timed, or auto-exposure control
Image Correction Black level correction, bad pixel replacement
Color Processing Auto white balance (tracking or manual), programmable LUTs
Camera Configuration GenICam or Victorem Control software
Dimensions 33.0 mm x 44.0 mm x 53.7mm (WxHxD)
Lens Mount C-mount or Active EF-mount
Weight 24V via PoCXP or 7-30V direct DC, 3-4W
Power Requirements 24V via PoCXP or 7-30V direct DC, 3-4W
Additional I/O TTL-level trigger input / output
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C, 20-85% humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C, 10-90% humidity (non-condensing)
Operational Shock Tested per MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6, 3-axis Shock 75G
Operational Vibration Tested per MIL-STD-810G Method 514.6, 3-axis Vibration Category 20